Thank you!

We would like to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year!   THANK YOU for your continued support of Crisis Chaplaincy Services.   Without Partners that support us in prayer and with the sacrificial giving of their own personal finances, we simply couldn't do the work we do.   Please know we are very thankful and appreciative of you.

Crisis Chaplaincy Services welcomes Dean Aithwaite!  Dean began his service on January 1st, 2016 as Staff Chaplain. The answer to prayer is very apparent for both Dean and CCS and we thank all of our supporters for covering us with your prayers. Please pray for Dean's training and service to be safe and effective. Pray for Todd as he orchestrates the training program while working on his Masters in Counselling - along with both Todd and Dean responding to calls.

If we have helped you in any way or if you have words of encouragement and support, we would love to hear from you. 

Please share your thoughts and/or story with us, as your testimony will surely be an encouragement to us and to others.


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Thank you
posted by: Terri Chapman on 9/30/2012

I just wanted to thank Chaplain Todd and other CCS Chaplain and support staff for the diligent and compassionate work they provide to those in situations that likely will change their lives forever. When the rest of us are sleeping comfortably in our beds at night, or work unsuspectedly during the week, Chaplain Todd and his staff go out, rain or shine, dark or light, to comfort. I support this ministry in prayer and financially because I believe what they do makes a difference in a way other ministries could never. God bless you all.
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posted by: Todd Pynch on 8/3/2012

Gary Farmer from Custom Graphic Services has graciously offered to do a new graphic design on both of our vehicles at no cost! We're so thankful for his desire to support Crisis Chaplaincy Services and we're so grateful for God's continued blessing of our work.
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posted by: Todd Pynch on 8/3/2012

Our 2012 Expedition has arrived and is being outfitted with the necessary equipment. It is scheduled to be put in service by August 8th. We're so very grateful for all the donations that we received for this vehicle which allowed us to pay cash for it. Our donors are the best!
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